Global Impact video: Team Kenya

Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to listen to Global Impact Team Kenya talk about their recent mission trip. They made a short video of their experience that I was able to find on the web (one the women on the trip posted it):

Kenay Team Video – Short Version from AnnieLaurie Walters on Vimeo.

I’ve watched this video several times and each time I am touched by the joy on the children’s faces. It just reminds me that no matter what our circumstance we are commanded, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4).

Here in America (and other developed nations), people are turning away from God, disowning Him and spitting on His name. But the church is growing leaps and bounds in African countries— so much so that African missionaries are now pouring into the United States and abroad. A place that has so little in the way of material comforts raises up thousands of followers for Christ every day. Praise the power of the Lord!

David Crowder BandYou Make Everything Glorious
(first song on the video)
My eyes are small but they have seen
the beauty of enormous things
Which leads me to believe
there’s light enough to see that

You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
And I am Yours


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